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River Fishing on the River Waveney

Fishing on the River Waveney, Earsham

Who am I?

Forty-five years ago I was a small girl growing up in a rural village in Norfolk. I spent my school years moving around the local area making new friends each time. I spent most of my teenage years mucking out my horses before leaving education.

Thirty-three years ago, I found myself on an offshore survival course. A week later, my first ride in a chopper on my way to an oil rig in the North Sea. A new career as a stewardess. Thirty-two years ago I met my hubby on an oilrig. Thirty Years ago I had my first child and a second following three years later!!

Twenty-five years ago I worked as a civil servant helping people with disabilities get into work which I loved. Helping people overcome their problems gave me great job satisfaction and I was good at it. Fast forward the last ten years I worked in education and more recently residential care so, you could say helping and nurturing is a common theme within my job choices.

Today, I am taking the first steps on a new journey into earning money online & Affiliate Marketing. Subscribe, you can come on that journey with me, It may not be pretty, I’m a newbie I’ll make mistakes and I’ll share those with you.